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Slip-And-Fall Attorney Helping Victims Hold Reckless Property Owners Accountable

A slip-and-fall accident occurs when an individual sustains injuries after tripping or slipping due to a hazardous condition on another person’s property. Many people sustain serious injuries in these accidents, especially children and older adults. Some of the most severe injuries that victims can sustain in a slip-and-fall include traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord damage, which both have the potential to affect a victim for the rest of his life.

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The Common Causes Of Slip-And-Fall Accidents

There are many different hazardous conditions that can lead to a slip-and-fall accident. Individuals may slip on a wet floor or a patch of ice that has accumulated outside. While walking through the parking lot of a commercial business, victims may trip over a pothole or crack in the cement. If it’s dark outside, victims may trip simply because the property owner has not installed adequate lighting. Other hazardous conditions that could cause someone to slip or trip include defective or uneven stairs, torn carpeting or debris. A victim may also slip or trip if a staircase does not have a handrail.

Who Will A Personal Injury Lawyer Hold Liable For Your Slip-And-Fall Injuries?

Premises liability is a legal term that describes a property owner’s responsibility to keep his property free from hazardous conditions. If a visitor is injured due to a hazardous condition, the property owner may be held liable, but only under certain circumstances.

A victim – with the help of a slip-and-fall attorney – must be able to show that the property owner either knew about the hazardous condition or should have known about the hazardous condition and did nothing to fix it. If this is proven, then it is clear that the property owner’s negligence led to the victim’s injuries.

For instance, let’s say your attorney interviews an employee at the store where your accident occurred. During this interview, it is revealed that the owner knew about the liquid spill, but did nothing to clean it. In this case, it is clear the owner was negligent.

In most cases, the property owner will not be the one to compensate you for your injuries even if he is liable. In general, these accidents are covered by either homeowners’ insurance or business liability insurance, so these companies will be responsible for compensating victims. Proving liability in a slip and fall case is challenging, so you will need help from a team of skilled personal injury attorneys.

How Can Slip-And-Fall Accidents Be Prevented?

Property owners have the power to prevent many slip and fall accidents. Owners should regularly inspect their properties and take care of any hazards right away to prevent accidents. For example, a store owner should either regularly inspect the floors or assign this task to an employee so someone can be on the lookout for spills. If a spill is spotted, the owner or employee should immediately remedy the situation by putting up wet floor signs and thoroughly cleaning the area. If all property owners were this proactive, it would save many people from the pain of sustaining serious injuries.

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