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If you have been injured on someone else’s property, you may have questions regarding your legal rights. Can you hold the property owner accountable for your injuries? In the state of Florida, if your injury was caused by a property owner’s negligence, you may, in fact, be entitled to compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, and more. An experienced Stuart premises liability attorney at the law firm of at Kibbey | Wagner, can explain your rights and determine if you have grounds for legal action.

Property owners may be liable for injuries caused by hazards that include broken windows and busted locks, poorly lit stairwells and parking lots, building and fire code violations, falling merchandise, wet floors, and other hazardous conditions. Generally speaking, Florida’s property owners are legally obligated to keep their properties safe for customers, clients, employees, tenants, and visitors. If you are injured on someone’s property because the property’s maintenance was neglected or because the security was inadequate, the property owner may be liable for your medical expenses, your lost wages, and all other related damages.


When you seek legal assistance from the law firm of Kibbey | Wagner, a skilled premises liability attorney immediately begins compiling evidence and identifying witnesses on your behalf. To prove your injury claim, your attorney may also seek statements or testimony from experts and specialists. We negotiate with premises liability defendants, their insurance companies, and their attorneys. To collect compensation based on a premises liability claim in the state of Florida, an injury victim must prove that:

  • a hazard existed on the property
  • the property’s owner or manager could have fixed the hazard or warned those at risk
  • the hazard – a result of the property owner’s negligence – directly caused the injury

It helps a premises liability case when a liability attorney can show that a property owner’s negligence was, in fact, a violation of the law. Building codes, for example, spell out where railings and other safety features must be installed. Thus, if you fall and you’re injured on stairs that do not have proper railings, you may have grounds for an injury claim based on the building code violation.


If you are injured in circumstances that may constitute premises liability, get medical attention immediately – that must be your first priority. Then, contact a knowledgeable premises liability lawyer at Kibbey | Wagner, as quickly as possible. We can explain how the law applies to your case, and we can help you take the legal action that is appropriate and right. At Kibbey | Wagner, we have more than five decades of combined experience advocating for the rights of injury victims in Stuart and the entire Treasure Coast region.

If you have suffered a catastrophic or disabling injury because a property owner was careless in or near Stuart, you will need the maximum amount of compensation that is available, and you’ll need an attorney who knows how to obtain it. Call us for a free consultation at 772-286-0023. If you choose to file a premises liability claim, the dedicated legal team at Kibbey | Wagner, can put our experience and our reputation for legal excellence to work for you.