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Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys Fighting For The Rights Of The Elderly

In Stuart and throughout the Treasure Coast region, scores of families rely on nursing homes to care for their beloved elderly relatives. Most nursing homes in our region provide superlative care. Some, however, do not. When a resident of a nursing home is neglected or when someone takes advantage of a nursing home resident, an experienced Stuart nursing home abuse attorney at the law firm of Kibbey | Wagner can be a diligent advocate on that victim’s behalf.

Some nursing home residents face neglect, abuse, and/or exploitation. The neglect of a nursing home resident can quickly lead to dehydration, malnutrition or a deteriorating medical condition. In some cases, nursing home residents have suffered emotional, physical and even sexual abuse. Nursing home patients have also been the targets of financial exploitation, including theft and forgery.

What Makes Nursing Home Abuse So Difficult To Deal With?

Nursing home abuse may be difficult for your loved one to talk about, especially if embarrassment, intimidation, or shame is an element of the abuse, or if your loved one is suffering from dementia or some other debilitating condition. A nursing home resident may not be able to convey all or parts of his or her experiences, so families with loved ones living in nursing homes should be vigilant.

It’s important to communicate clearly with a nursing home facility’s staff, to make surprise visits and to know the signs of nursing home abuse. Pressure ulcers (also called bedsores) are usually a clear indication that a facility is providing substandard care. Pressure ulcers form when unrelieved pressure reduces the blood flow to a spot on the skin and the surrounding tissue dies. Pressure ulcers can form anywhere, but they most typically form on the sacrum, tailbone, elbows, ankles and heels. Other signs to look for include cuts, bruises, unexplained accidents or injuries, abnormal mood swings or psychological withdrawal.

Why Does Nursing Home Abuse Happen?

At some nursing homes, employees are overworked, underpaid and undertrained. Nursing homeowners have the same right as anyone else to make a profit but not when cutting corners leads to the abuse of the elderly. Over time, nursing home negligence can cause the slow, general deterioration of a resident’s health and, in some cases, wrongful death. When a nursing home facility or a care provider commits nursing home abuse, the victim has a legal right to compensation.

If you believe that your elderly loved one is a victim of nursing home abuse in Stuart or at any nursing home facility in the Treasure Coast region, contact a top nursing home abuse attorney at Kibbey | Wagner for justice. A personal injury lawsuit that accuses a nursing home of abuse can bring a swift halt to the mistreatment of the elderly in that facility.

We Protect The Rights Of Nursing Home Residents

Even when a nursing home is technically in compliance with the law’s minimum requirements, it can still be held liable for specific instances of resident abuse or neglect. If you suspect nursing home abuse, put an experienced Florida nursing home abuse attorney to work for your family at once. Call 772-444-7000 to speak with a skilled injury attorney at Kibbey | Wagner. We are ready to fight for the compensation – and for the justice – that the victims of nursing home abuse deserve.