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Attorneys For Those Injured In Mass Transit Accidents

Public transit can be a convenient, environmentally friendly way to get around the cities and towns of Florida’s Gold Coast. But you are not necessarily safe from a preventable accident or any resulting injuries. An incident on a train or bus can be as dangerous as an auto collision, requiring the help of a personal injury attorney from Kibbey | Wagner, to help you get fair compensation for your injuries.

We have the resources and knowledge to help you deal with Miami-Dade Transit and secure proper compensation for your injuries. Our assistance will help you pay for your medical care, surgery, and physical rehabilitation, as well as your pain and suffering and reduced enjoyment of life. If you have lost a loved one to a major crash, we will help you make a wrongful death claim.

Train Wrecks And Other Mass Transit Accidents

Contact us if you have been injured in a crash involving any form of mass transit, including:

  • Metrobus accidents
  • Amtrak accidents
  • Metrorail or Tri-rail accidents
  • Metromover accidents
  • Paratransit/STS accidents
  • Greyhound bus accidents

As a passenger, you have the right to expect reasonable precautions to be taken to keep you safe. If Amtrak or Miami-Dade Transit failed to live up to their duties to you, we will find out and seek rightful compensation. We are seasoned negotiators and litigators who will take care of your case based on your individual needs and your stated preferences.

Compensation For All Accidents

Our firm can help you receive compensation for any injury sustained while riding mass transit or after being struck by a bus or other vehicle, including:

  • Brain injuries
  • Back and spine injuries
  • Crushed, mangled or amputated limbs
  • Burns

These cases can involve multiple parties and complicated evidence. In addition, Miami-Dade Transit and Amtrak spend a lot of money on a sophisticated legal defense.

Free Consultations

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