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Law Firm Based In Stuart, Florida, Fighting For Victims Of Cruise Ship Injuries

Airlines, cruise ships and hotels all have a duty to provide their customers with reasonably safe facilities and experiences. Unfortunately, far too many food poisonings, disease outbreaks, slip-and-fall injuries and drownings happen on cruise ships. Most of these incidents are avoidable and are the result of someone’s negligence. The most common injuries on cruise ships happen when passengers slip, trip, or fall in hazardous areas.

If you are injured on a cruise ship that you boarded in Florida, speak as quickly as possible with an experienced Stuart-based attorneys at the law firm of Kibbey | Wagner regarding your rights, options and legal recourse. If you are injured because a cruise ship’s owners or employees were negligent, you are entitled by law to full reimbursement for your medical expenses, your lost wages and any other injury-related costs and damages.

How Do Cruise Ship Injuries Happen?

When spilled liquids are not cleaned up promptly on a cruise ship, or when walkways are cluttered, poorly lit, or pose other unexpected hazards, cruise ship passengers can be – and frequently have been – seriously injured. Cruise ship injuries can also happen when passengers are enjoying a ship’s amenities – the pools, rides and water slides, for example. To speak candidly, these features on cruise ships are often poorly designed and sometimes quite risky.

Food poisoning on cruise ships is a recurring concern. And in those rare instances when a cruise ship’s electricity and plumbing go out, the health of every passenger may be at risk. Sometimes, cruise ship passengers have been robbed or even physically injured by one or more of a cruise ship’s crew members. However, the owners of cruise ships have what the law calls a “duty of care” to protect their passengers by ensuring that appropriate background checks are conducted for all employees and that proper hiring procedures are practiced and enforced.

Can You File A Cruise Ship Injury Lawsuit In Florida?

If you were injured on a cruise ship because the staff or owners of the ship were negligent, you may be able to file a cruise ship injury lawsuit with our help. An experienced cruise ship injury attorney at Kibbey | Wagner, can review the particulars of your case, examine the pertinent evidence, and determine if you have sufficient grounds for legal action.

Seek Advice Soon After A Cruise Accident

As you might expect, you have limited time to file a cruise ship injury lawsuit, and you may be required to file an injury report with the cruise line before you can take formal legal action. Every case is different, but you can rely on the aggressive representation and sound legal advice that Kibbey | Wagner offers to every client. It costs nothing to learn more about your rights after you’ve been injured by negligence on a cruise ship because your first legal consultation with us is free. Call us at 772-444-7000 to arrange that first consultation. We’ve helped scores of injury victims in the Stuart area, and we are ready to help you.