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Top Law Firm In Stuart Helping Clients With Restraining Orders And Injunctions

If you have been named in a restraining order or an injunction, or if someone is threatening you with a restraining order or an injunction, you’re going to need legal help. In the Stuart area and elsewhere in Florida’s Treasure Coast region, if a court has issued a restraining order or an injunction with your name on it, arrange at once to consult a defense lawyer at the law firm of Kibbey | Wagner.

What is a restraining order? What is an injunction? And how are they different? A restraining order is issued to an individual by a court. It usually orders the individual to refrain entirely from contact with a certain person or persons. Restraining orders are typically sought because a plaintiff wishes to prevent the defendant from doing something that he or she has allegedly threatened to do. Restraining orders are used in employment disputes and other situations but most commonly in cases of alleged harassment, domestic abuse, or stalking.

How Do Injunctions Differ From Restraining Orders?

Restraining orders are formal legal documents, so they are not simply handed out on request in the state of Florida. A person can’t obtain a restraining order simply because he or she doesn’t like you. There’s a fee and some substantial paperwork, and anyone who requests a restraining must offer a legally sufficient reason for a judge to issue it. Restraining orders are temporary. Injunctions are longer-lasting and may be permanent. Restraining orders and injunctions issued by judges in this state are enforceable nationwide.

If you are the person named in a restraining order or an injunction issued by a judge in the Stuart area or anywhere in the Treasure Coast region, you must be represented by an experienced Florida restraining order attorney who routinely handles restraining order and injunction cases. With more than sixty combined years of legal experience, the legal team at Kibbey | Wagner, is fully prepared to advocate on your behalf and to protect your rights.

If You Are Named In A Restraining Order, What Is Your Recourse?

If you are targeted by a restraining order or an injunction in the state of Florida, you have the right to an appeal hearing. With the help of an experienced attorney, it may be possible to have a restraining order or an injunction revoked. If someone is threatening you with a restraining order or an injunction, an out-of-court arrangement sometimes can be negotiated so that no restraining order or injunction needs to be issued. For example, if a co-worker seeks a restraining order against you because of alleged harassment, your attorney may be able to reach an agreement to have one or both of you reassigned to another department or site – and you won’t lose your job.

The importance of having an experienced Stuart restraining order attorney – backed up by a great legal team – cannot be overstated. Every client who seeks legal representation from the law firm of Kibbey | Wagner, is treated with complete dignity and respect, and every professional courtesy is extended. From Stuart or from anywhere in Florida’s Treasure Coast region, you can schedule a free consultation with an attorney at Kibbey | Wagner, by calling 772-286-0023. We are ready to help.