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Causes of truck accidents

Commercial truck drivers have a responsibility to the other vehicles on the road to ensure that they are reducing any chances of causing an accident. Motor vehicle accidents involving a commercial truck are far more likely to result in catastrophic consequences than...

How could a DUI affect the life of a college-aged person?

When you arrived on campus at a Florida college, you may have worked just as hard developing your social life as you did to prepare for classes. College life can be exciting and fun yet challenging as well. Rules and regulations vary for every college, even schools...

Yes, Florida has mandatory minimum laws

Every crime has a punishment associated with it should a person be convicted of committing that crime. In many cases, criminal court judges can use their discretion during the sentencing process and choose punishments that best fit the offenders. In others, however,...

Personal injury claims: What does a trial look like?

Going through a court trial in Florida is never an easy thing to do, but it's sometimes necessary to receive the compensation and justice you deserve. The fact is that no matter how clear the evidence may seem to you, it's likely that you're going to receive some sort...

The ins and outs of cybercrime

Most Florida residents utilize the internet daily to conduct personal or professional business. This is simply a digital world, and it became even more so in 2020, thanks to more people working and doing school from home. With more individuals online than ever before,...