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Recent incident leaves Florida woman facing DUI charges

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2021 | DUI

The idea of being involved in a confrontation with law enforcement agents can be stressful under any scenario.  However, attempting to evade a traffic stop may never be an ideal decision and may only act to increase suspicion of further wrongdoing. A recent incident in which authorities claim a police chase spilled over onto and came to an end on a local golf course has reportedly left a 60-year-old woman in Florida facing DUI charges. 

Police pursuit 

According to reports, authorities claim the incident began at around 1 p.m. on a recent Tuesday after they attempted to initiate a routine traffic stop. While no further information was provided as to what led to this attempt, authorities say the driver proceeded to flee the scene, prompting a pursuit. The driver allegedly led authorities on a chase that ran onto a local golf course and ended after authorities implemented measures to bring the vehicle to a halt.  

While it is unclear as to whether field sobriety or breath tests were administered, the woman was taken into custody on suspicion of driving while under the influence. She is now facing numerous charges in relation to the incident, including allegations of drunk driving, criminal mischief and aggravated assault. Those who face similar charges might not always be aware of their legal rights and options, and as such, they could benefit from seeking guidance prior to responding to allegations. 

Seeking guidance 

Individuals who face DUI charges and feel uncertain of how best to respond to allegations could find it helpful to seek advice from an attorney as soon as possible. An attorney in Florida can examine the charges and evidence against a client and provide him or her with advice on the best course of action with which to proceed. Such guidance could prove integral to helping a person better understand what to expect from the process and better prepare to seek the most favorable outcome achievable given the circumstances.