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Car accident in Florida injures 4, kills 2

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2021 | Car Accidents

While some rear-end crashes may lead to little more than minor damage to the vehicles involved and an inconvenience of time, there is always the chance that the ramifications could prove much more severe. In some cases, such incidents could leave those involved with injuries and a long road to recovery, or even leave surviving loved ones grieving over an unexpected loss. Four individuals were injured and two others died during a recent car accident involving similar circumstances in Florida. 

Rear-end crash 

Authorities reportedly responded to the scene of the crash on a recent Wednesday morning. Initial investigations indicate that it took place just after the driver of a northbound truck had shifted into another lane to pass a tractor-trailer. After transitioning back into the right lane, the truck reportedly crashed into the rear-end of a third vehicle, causing this vehicle to spin out of control and veer off the road and overturn. 

Reports indicate that up to four individuals were ejected from within the third vehicle during the crash. Two of these individuals suffered fatal harm and died at the scene, while the other two were taken to nearby hospitals with critical injuries. Two other occupants within the third vehicle also suffered minor injuries in the process. 

Severe injuries or loss of a loved one 

Suffering severe harm or the loss of someone in a car accident due to the actions of another driver can be a difficult thing to accept. Following the crash, the victim or surviving loved ones of the deceased may wish to exercise their rights to seek restitution in civil court, and they could choose to retain the services of an attorney for assistance in navigating the process. An attorney in Florida can examine the incident thoroughly and help a client prepare to pursue the full amount of restitution deserved through a claim against the party deemed responsible.