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2 injured in recent auto accident

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2021 | Car Accidents

Law enforcement authorities in Florida are in the process of investigating a crash that left two people injured. This auto accident occurred Tuesday, Oct. 5, in the Stuart area. Both individuals involved are expected to survive.  

What happened? 

According to reports, a motorcycle and pickup truck collided around SW 42nd Avenue and SW Martin Highway. It is unclear who hit who. The motorcyclist suffered significant injuries and required transportation to an area hospital for treatment. The extent of the pickup truck driver’s injuries is unknown, but it was reported that this individual did need medical treatment, as well.  

What now? 

No charges have been filed in this case. When it is determined who caused the collision, the responsible party may face criminal consequences for their actions. The victim may also be entitled to pursue civil actions in an effort to seek compensation for his or her losses.  

Seeking compensation 

Seeking compensation following an auto accident can prove a bit of a challenge. Insurance providers are not always willing to offer maximum relief right off the bat. Thankfully, accident victims can turn to legal counsel for assistance negotiating fair settlement terms or, if necessary, filing personal injury claims in a Florida civil court.  

When an auto accident is another person’s fault, the victim should not have to bear the burden of covering the losses. A personal injury attorney can help the victim seek the compensation needed to help through his or her recovery and beyond. Documented losses, whether economic or noneconomic in nature may be recoverable.