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When a contentious divorce leads to domestic abuse accusations

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2021 | Domestic Violence

You are going through a terrible time in your life. Your marriage has fallen apart, and you are going through the divorce process. In the midst of it all, your spouse claimed that you hit her or your children. While you may fight with your spouse, you believe you did nothing wrong, but here you are, facing accusations of domestic abuse and possible charges. What can you do?

The truth about domestic abuse charges

The truth about some domestic abuse cases is that they are often overblown, particularly in cases where a contentious divorce is involved. Claiming domestic violence is one way for some spouses to get more out of divorce proceedings or affect child custody arrangements. It is a sad reality, but it happens.

Defend yourself

When facing domestic violence accusations, the best thing you can do is defend yourself. Regardless if youre ultimately convicted, having this type of accusation out there can be very damaging both personally and professionally. The sooner you take action to fight the accusations, the better.

How can you do that? You can question any evidence offered against you. You can get witnesses on your side. You can turn to legal counsel for a case review and assistance addressing the matter as quickly and quietly as possible.

If all goes well, the matter will be dropped. If charges are ultimately filed and your case does go to court, an experienced criminal defense attorney can assist you as you navigate the Florida criminal court system and fight for the best outcome possible. Please take a moment to visit our firm’s website to learn more about this topic.