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The role road conditions can play in motorcycle accidents

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2021 | Motorcycle Accidents

As a general rule, motorcyclists must adhere to the same rules that other motorists must follow while traveling on Florida roads. However, statistically speaking, riding on a motorcycle can be more dangerous than traveling in a passenger vehicle. This is partially because it can be harder to stay upright while riding on terrain that isn’t level or free of debris.

Potholes can be a significant hazard

Potholes can be caused by changes in temperatures, the use of road salt and poor maintenance over long periods of time. If your motorcycle drives over one of these ruts in the road, there is a good chance that you’ll lose control of your bike. In some cases, this may result in an accident that causes significant property damage and bodily injury.

Debris can cause a loss of traction

When a motorcycle tire encounters gravel, ice or other substances on a roadway surface, it may cause that tire to lose contact with the ground. Ultimately, it may be difficult to stop, change lanes or make any other sudden moves if necessary. Therefore, you are strongly discouraged from hitting the brakes if you encounter slick road conditions. Instead, you should simply try to coast until the tires can regain contact with the road.

Make sure your bike is properly maintained

It may be possible to reduce your risk of being involved in a motorcycle accident by adhering to the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule. Ideally, you will change the oil, rotate the tires and take other steps to improve the chances that your bike stays upright when riding in rough conditions.

If you are hurt in a motorcycle accident, it may be possible to obtain compensation for medical bills, lost wages and other damages. An attorney may be able to help you obtain a favorable settlement or jury award in your case. This may be done by asserting that the accident was caused by another person’s negligence. Witness statements, a police report and other evidence may be used to strengthen your negotiating position.