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What if I suffer nerve damage after a car accident?

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2021 | Car Accidents

When there is a motor vehicle accident (MVA) in Florida, people who did not suffer any visible injuries will likely be called lucky and told to appreciate their good fortune. While it is true that many crashes result in broken bones, cuts, brain trauma, spinal cord damage and other injuries that are relatively easy to spot and diagnose, some problems are unclear and not immediately obvious. These injuries can cause many long-term issues. Diagnosis is crucial and plays a significant role in determining how to move forward. That is especially true with nerve damage.

Understanding nerve damage, its symptoms and treatment

For those who believe they escaped an auto accident unscathed but might have some discomfort should realize that they could have suffered a pinched nerve. Nerves relay messages to the body. Touching something sharp, for example, informs the brain of injury or potential injury. If nerves are damaged, it can negatively impact function. An auto accident can result in nerve damage, frequently to the head or neck. Compression can cause it as well. The spine may be pressured through a herniated disc.

The problem with pinched nerves is that they are difficult to pinpoint until symptoms present themselves, sometimes hours or days after the crash. Another challenge is that many people do not feel pain from a pinched nerve. Instead, they feel tingling, numbness, spasms and twitching. The area might be sensitive to touch. Untreated, this can get progressively worse. Injured people could fail to take appropriate action to address it and not move forward with legal action in time.

Treatment and addressing the aftermath of an accident with nerve damage

Medical professionals such as orthopedists who specialize in nerve damage might be needed to oversee the treatment and recovery. Insurance companies will use various tactics to try and avoid a major payout after an MVA with injuries. Having advice from professionals who are experienced with and understand the strategies they use in defense can be beneficial in a case. For advice and guidance, having assistance can be helpful with compensation for what was lost.