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How to stop a police interrogation in its tracks

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2021 | Criminal Defense

Every year, numerous Florida residents have had the unfortunate experience of being interrogated by the police. It can be a terrible experience, especially for those who do not know what to expect or what their rights are. Once things get going, many people believe there is nothing they can do to stop a police interrogation, but that isnt true.

Three ways to stop an interrogation

There are three ways in which anyone subjected to a police interrogation can stop it, even if he or she waived the right to remain silent. First, one has the right to refuse to answer a police officers questions. Second, one can simply choose to remain silent. Finally, third, one can ask for legal counsel. Police are required to stop an interrogation once a person asserts Miranda rights.

Some aspects of interrogation are unavoidable

As it currently stands, individuals going through police interrogations have the right to refuse to talk, but they do not have the right to refuse to assist in other areas of the investigation. For instance, if asked to supply physical evidence, one must comply. Some examples of physical evidence include hair, blood or other bodily fluid samples.

Criminal defense

The best thing a person can do if the subject of a police interrogation is to seek help as soon as possible. The sooner an interrogation is stopped, the better it is for ones case. Refusing to speak to police is not an admission of guilt; it is about protecting oneself. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help Florida residents get out of police interrogations or give direction on what questions to answer and which to avoid, as well as offer further assistance fighting any resulting criminal charges.