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Martin County man arrested, charged with resisting arrest

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2021 | Criminal Defense

Police in Martin County recently responded to a home in Hobe Sound after receiving calls that the resident was threatening to hurt himself. When they arrived, it took several hours to talk the individual into complying with police demands. He was ultimately arrested and charged with resisting arrest.  

The situation 

According to reports, on Monday, Feb. 15, law enforcement officers checked on a man after he told a relative he had plans to hurt himself. As authorities attempted to get him to come out of the house, the man reportedly became combative and threatened to hurt them and himself. After seven hours of trying to negotiate with this individual, members of the SWAT team were able to retrieve him from the Florida home safely.  

Criminal charges 

This individual is accused of resisting arrest and has been charged for doing so. As this investigation is still ongoing, other charges may soon be filed against the accused. Law enforcement officials do believe drugs contributed to this incident. 


The accused in this case is facing significant charges that carry stiff penalties if he is ultimately convicted. Drug use and threatening police officers are not offenses the state of Florida treats lightly. However, not all drug users benefit from incarceration. With assistance, this individual may seek a case dismissal or reduction in charges, or request his case be moved to drug court through which he may receive the treatment he needs to end his dependency on narcotics. An experienced criminal defense attorney can review his case and help him choose a legal course that will allow him to achieve the best outcome possible.