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Causes of truck accidents

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2021 | Trucking Accidents

Commercial truck drivers have a responsibility to the other vehicles on the road to ensure that they are reducing any chances of causing an accident. Motor vehicle accidents involving a commercial truck are far more likely to result in catastrophic consequences than when compared to an accident between two passenger vehicles.

Despite the truck driver’s responsibility, we are currently at a 30-year high in trucking fatalities. While many things can cause a motor vehicle accident, some causes affect truckdrivers differently. Here are four primary causes of trucking accidents:


A truck driver’s fatigue is often more severe than other drivers. Truck drivers spend as much as 14 hours behind the wheel per day. In addition to these extended hours, some drivers may also exceed these hours by driving outside their schedule in their trucker regulations.

Drugs or alcohol

To help combat extreme fatigue cases, some truckers may turn toward caffeine pills or other medications that help keep them awake. Unfortunately, this can also impair a truck driver’s ability to maintain their vehicle while on the road. Truck drivers are also vulnerable to the same recreational drugs and alcohol that everyone else is, but the difference is an accident in their vehicle can cause much more damage.

Maintenance errors

A trucker is responsible for ensuring that their vehicle is road-safe. The truck driver must ensure that all areas of their vehicle are safe, including their brake pads, headlights and turn signals, mirrors, and windshield wipers. When any of these cannot perform their specific role on the road, the lives of everyone around the truck are in greater danger.


Truck drivers have a lot more to distract them compared to other drivers. A trucker’s dashboard has much more components to it than just the radio and air conditioning. Other distractions for them include eating, as many truck drivers need to eat while on the road. Because the cabin of a commercial truck is larger than passenger vehicles, Reaching for something can also become a much bigger distraction than just leaning over and grabbing an item.

Watch for reckless truck drivers

If a truck driver appears to be distracted, or their vehicle is swerving in the road, put a lot of space between them and yourself. An accident involving a commercial truck is not something to take chances with, so be sure you were doing your part in avoiding an accident with one.