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Crash in Palm Beach County leaves 2 dead, 3 injured

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2021 | Car Accidents, Personal Injury

On Christmas Day 2020, the lives of several individuals and families were changed forever. A crash in Palm Beach County left two people dead and three with serious injuries. Florida law enforcement officials are still in the process of investigating this tragedy.

According to news reports, at roughly 4 a.m., the driver of a sedan — a 25-year-old female — was in the southbound lane of Congress Avenue when she ran a red light and struck a vehicle at the intersection of Forest Hill Boulevard. The sedan then went off the road, through a tree line and came to rest against the side of a commercial building. The car she hit collided with a traffic sign and came to a rest on the sidewalk.

All involved were transported to an area hospital for treatment. A passenger in the impacted vehicle — a 23-year-old male — reportedly died from his injuries. The driver and two other passengers of the same car were severely hurt. Their current conditions are unknown. The driver believed responsible for this event ultimately succumbed to her injuries.

When the driver responsible for a crash does not survive, victims or their loved ones may feel they have no recourse; no way to seek compensation for their losses. This is far from the truth. According to Florida laws, they may seek relief by filing claims with auto insurance providers and against the driver’s estate. Legal counsel can review the details of this case and assist each surviving victim, as well as the loved ones of the deceased victim, in order to file any appropriate civil claims for the recovery of documented monetary damages. Relief may ultimately be sought through out-of-court negotiations or, if necessary, litigation.