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Has a restraining order or injunction been filed against you?

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2020 | Criminal Defense, Restraining Orders

Have you been accused of harassment or abuse? Has the alleged victim sought a restraining order or injunction against you? If so, this is a serious matter that you may not want to tackle on your own. Restraining orders and injunctions can have both personal and professional consequences that can follow Florida residents for years. With the assistance of legal counsel, these orders may be dismissed or other arrangements to deal with the matter made.

Restraining orders and injunctions pretty much do the same thing. They make it illegal for an alleged abuser/harasser to contact or be near the alleged victim. The difference between the two is that a restraining order is temporary, where an injunction can be permanent or at least longer-lasting.

These orders are typically sought by those who believe they are victims of domestic violence, harassment or stalking. In most cases, these orders are sought against family members or significant others. However, it is possible to request a restraining order or injunction in other situations.

As far as consequences go, these orders can damage family relationships, cause people to lose their jobs, result in one’s arrest and cause those accused to be subjected to public shaming — among other things. In other words, the emotional and financial consequences can be significant. Fighting a restraining order or injunction will not prove an easy feat, but doing so is necessary if you wish to minimize the adverse effects of having one filed against you.

If someone is threatening to file a restraining order or injunction against you, who you have on your side helping you fight it matters. An attorney with experience tackling these issues may be able to assist you in opposing the application, filing an appeal in an effort to seek a dismissal, or help you negotiate an arrangement that satisfies all parties involved. To learn more about restraining orders and injunctions, and how legal counsel can help Florida residents fight them, please take a moment and visit our firm’s website.