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Types Of Truck Accidents

by | Aug 15, 2017 | Personal Injury, Trucking Accidents

Look around you. Virtually everything you see has traveled in whole or in part by truck. Trucks are a necessary part of our lives and economy. Every day there are more than 16 million drivers on the roads of Florida. When a trucker drives negligently, or a truck part fails, there are accidents. Peoplearehurt, andpeopledie.

We will show you the most common types of truck accidents. If you are in any type of accident with a truck, please contact a truck accident attorney.

Common Types Of Truck Accidents

RearEnd – This is when a truck collides in to the back of another vehicle. Trucks are very heavy, and this type of accident often causes serious injury

TBone – When the front of one vehicle hits the side of the other vehicle, it is called a T-bone. If the front of the truck hits the side of a car, it is uncommon for there not to be serious injury or death.

HeadOn – When the front of the truck and the front of the car strike each other, this is a head-on collision. This is probably the deadliest type of truck accident.

Air Brake – This is when the air brakes on the truck fail. This is always very serious. When the truck is moving down hill and cannot stop, the speed and the weight of the truck makes this catastrophic.

Truck Rollovers – This is when the tires on a semi-truck’s fail to grip the road, and the vehicle loses control. It usually slides sideways and then rolls over.

Tire Blowout – When the tire on a truck blows out, the driver has trouble maintaining control. Sometimes rubber from the tire is thrown in to traffic, causing even more danger.

Jackknife– If a truck driver brakes very quickly, the trailer often swings out ward, causing the truck’s cab to turn toward the trailer. The trailer and cab form a sharp angle.  This is known as a jack knife.


You have been hurt, or someone you love has been killed in an accident with a truck, the process is difficult medically and financially. There is often more than one insurance company involved and proving responsibility can be complicated. There are times when legal action must be taken against the truck line, the driver, or even the truck manufacturer. There are times when legal action must be taken against more than one of these.

Few people walk away from an accident with a truck unharmed. Sometimes the injuries and results of the injuries continue for years. Sometimes they are life-long. Your recovery must be your main priority. Your focus must be physical healing.

This is why you need a truck accident attorney to focus on the legal side of things. Your truck accident attorneys work to ensure that your injuries are covered no matter how long you are faced with managing them. They are the advocate you need to sort through all of this. It is inyour best interest to contact a qualified attorney. If you miss your opportunity, you may find yourself struggling to manage on your own for the rest of your life.