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Overview Personal Injury Damages

by | Aug 13, 2017 | Personal Injury, Personal Injury Investigations, Personal Injury Settlements

An Overview Of Personal Injury Damages

Maybe you were hit by a drunk driver, or a spill in the grocery store caused you to fall and get hurt. Perhaps a defective battery in your child’s toy caused him to get burned? Maybe the doctor performed a risky procedure that was unnecessary or done incorrectly. These are the kinds of things you need to take to a personal injury attorney.

What you need to know

First, understand that time is not your friend. The state of Florida (as do many other states) have defined statutes of limitations and deadlines for filing certain types of claims. There are specific rules that pertain to things like no-fault car accidents and shared-fault rules. Often an insurance company will drag things out for the unknowing victim to delay the actions that they are legally entitled to take until the time frame for doing so is expired. If you have been hurt by or because of another person, contact a personal injury attorney. Let your personal injury lawyer help you decide if your case merits legal action. If you wait too long, you may find yourself in a lot of pain, with a lot of expenses and no legal recourse.

What kind of personal injury damages can you expect?

  • Medical bills
    • Any medical bills, therapy, assistance, or items needed to help you recover that are due to the injury should be compensated. You will also be repaid for out of pocket expenses for medications you need.
  • Future medical expenses
    • Some injuries will require long-term or even lifetime treatments. Your medical professional can estimate how long the issues will last. The expenses of receiving that long-term care should be compensated.
  • Loss of wages
    • If you cannot work due to the injury, you are to be compensated for the money you should have earned but couldn’t because of the injury. This includes the time you were in the hospital, recovering at home, time going to the doctor and for things like therapy.
  • Future earnings
    • You may find yourself unable to return to the job you had due to your physical status since the accident. Maybe you are a contractor, and you must cancel projects that were planned several months in advance. The money you should have earned is an expense that the responsible party is required to pay.
  • Change of plans expenses
    • Perhaps you were on your way having your dream wedding when you were injured. You may suffer cancellation charges and fees related to the change of plans. Deposits and nonrefundable costs of special orders that are now unusable can be considered in your personal injury expenses.
  • Pain and suffering
    • While money cannot alleviate pain, it is the only compensation we have after a personal injury. You deserve to be compensated for the suffering you endured because of someone else.

Other things your personal injury attorney will seek damages for include, the loss of friendship, companionship, and the help of a family member who was killed, and the assistance of professional to assist you and care for you while you are injured.  Your attorney can provide you will all the information you need on your own situation.