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Defenses For White Collar Crimes

by | Aug 2, 2017 | Criminal Defense, White-Collar Crimes

Most people who commit white collar crimes do not think of themselves as “real criminals.” They do not carry a firearm. They do not physically hurt people. They often wear a suit and tie when they are committing their crime, and they rarely need a shower after they have completed their crime. But, our white collar crimes lawyers in Florida know how to handle these cases.

However, the victims of these white collar crimes are hurt in other ways. They are people who work hard for their entire lives, only to have their money stolen from their accounts and investments by people who they trusted. They are people who invest in schemes thinking they are doing something that will help their children afford college, only to be robbed and left with an empty wallet.

When someone commits welfare fraud or Medicaid fraud, they are ripping off the taxpayers who already carry a huge load and people who really need those services get the short end of the stick. We all pay the price, but some pay with their health and their lives.

White collar crimes are not exactly victimless crimes. They are serious and they affect far more than the victim. This is why the Federal Government takes such a firm approach to them, and why it’s so important for you to work with a white collar crime attorney.

Professional White Collar Crime Defense is Needed

As bad as a white collar crime is, the act of being accused when you are not guilty is devastating. Sometimes good people make mistakes. Sometimes the mistakes are minor and unintentional, but they snowball. The magnitude of this situation quickly escalates and becomes unmanageable.

What Does Your Defense Attorney Do?

Your defense attorney has a big job to do. It begins with investigating the facts of the case. There is a lot of research involved in developing a defense. One of the most important aspects of hiring a white collar crime attorney is choosing one that is experienced in the area.

It takes some time in practice to develop relationships in the legal community. In the area of white collar practitioners, the community is much smaller than one might think. Your white collar crime attorney needs to be in that circle. He or she needs to be familiar with the way the judge and the prosecutors handle these cases. Your lawyer must know the fine details of the law that will make a difference. They must be a respected and honored member of this legal community. Further, he or she must be skilled in the art of arguing the case. Your attorney’s defense strategy will probably focus on your intent and reduction of the charges. If you are the client that just fell into a bad situation, the job of your defense attorney is to make the judge see that.

The penalties for white collar crimes are harsh. They could include many thousands of dollars’ worth of fines and major jail time in Federal Prison. This is not the time to go it alone. The legal system is complicated and can be confusing, therefore you need a specific type of defense attorney with the qualifications to fight for you.