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Popular Places To See In Stuart, Florida

by | Jul 6, 2017 | Firm Announcements

The city of Stuart, Florida is part of the Port St. Lucie Florida Metro area. It has been called the perfect little town. That is because this city of around 16,000 has the beauty and feel of a small coastal town and the convenience of a city.

The first non-Native American Settlers moved to the area in 1870. The city of Stuart has a rich history that includes Mexican, German, and American life and themes. This shows in the history and architect of the area.

We will share with you, some of our favorite places to visit in Stuart. You will find the variety is vast and there will be plenty to your liking.

Florida Oceanographic Coastal Center

Children and adults enjoy this beautiful marine life nature center. It is 57-acres, located on Hutchinson Island. It sits between the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian River. The main purpose of the center is to research ways to ensure a healthy coastal ecosystem. The programs are educational and entertaining, and you will enjoy an afternoon here.

Stuart Heritage Museum

This museum has been preserving the history and artifacts of Stuart since 1988. It is housed in the old Stuart Feed Store Building, downtown. A walk through this museum will show you everything about the history of the city and the great people who live there.

Artifacts have been gathered by many citizens and groups to build a perfect picture. Enjoy a video of Stuart from 1964. When you visit here, you will feel like you are part of the community and the roots of that community run deep.

The House of Refuge Museum

In the 1870’s, the United States Life-Saving Service built a series of “life-saving” houses. Four of them were built in coastal areas in Florida. These houses were made of Florida Pine and built to withstand hurricanes.

The houses were maintained by a local contractor that lived in the home with their family. They were all exactly alike. The main floor has four rooms. They each had a living room, kitchen, bedroom, and dining room. A wide porch surrounds each house. The attic was equipped with 20 cots with dried and salted foods that would feed 20 men for 10-days.

The House of Refuge Museum in Stuart is the last of the Florida houses standing. This is a thrilling experience and a rare opportunity to step back in history. It is also located in a scenically beautiful spot.

Stuart is full of traditional and modern museums. There are parks and nature preserves where you can see the true state of Florida, up close and personal. Enjoy the scenic Riverwalk, and visit the Sailfish Splash Waterpark. There is shopping, dining, boating, water sports, and horse and carriage rides.

Stuart has a rich military history and many locations dedicated to the brave people who fought for our country. When you come to the city of Stuart, you will probably want to stay a while, and you know what…you will be glad you did.