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Notable People From Stuart, Florida

by | Jul 8, 2017 | Firm Announcements

Known as the Sailfish Capital of The World, Stuart is a thriving community in Martin County, Florida. Those that live in Stuart consider it true paradise living. Stuart has been home the home of several notable people over the years.

Judge Reinhold

May 21,1957-Present

Judge Reinhold is an American actor. Judge Reinhold has over 60 films to his credit. In his first film, he shared the screen with Sean Penn, Phoebe Cates, Forrest Whitaker, and Jennifer Jason Leigh in the movie “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” where he played a high school senior. Reinhold has also received an Emmy nomination.

Ralph S. Evinrude

September 27,1907 – May 21, 1986

Ralph Evinrude was the chairman of Outboard Marine Corporation. His father designed the first outboard motor suitable for recreation and a new industry evolved. The original Company Elto Outboard Motor Company was changed after a merger with Johnson Motor Company in 1936 and at that time became Outboard Marine Corporation, as it is known today.

He married “Bobbe” Everett in 1951, and they divorced shortly after in 1955. He then Married Frances Langford, a well-known singer from the days of big bands, swing and moonlight serenades.

In his senior years, Evinrude was public-spirited and put the benefit of his hard work and good fortune to work for several humanitarian sources. Some of these included Milwaukee hospitals, education, and arts.The Ralph Evinrude Test Center is named after Ralph Evinrude.

Frances Langford

April 4, 1913 – July 11, 2005

Frances was an amazing singer/actress in America with roots in Stuart. Her vocals were heard across the radio waves before the days of technology, and all we had were our imaginations to go with what we heard. “Bob Hope” and “Don Ameche” were two of the voices that were frequently heard with France’s. There are “two” stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with the name “Frances Lanford,” one for “Radio and one for “Motion Pictures.” She entertained the troops in World War 11, Viet Nam War, and Korean War several times having to “duck” for cover. She wrote a column called the “Purple Heart Diary” during World War 11 to provide a “voice for the soldiers.”

She was married three times. She married and divorced her first husband, Jon Hall, who she kept as a lifelong friend. Her second marriage was to business magnate Ralph Evinrude. She remained married to him until she became a widow in 1986. Her third marriage was to Harold Stuart, former assistant secretary of the Air Force during the Truman era. Frances enjoyed her yacht, “The Chanticleer” with both Ralph and Harold during their time together. One of her favorite pastimes was fishing.

Whitney Gaskell

February 8, 1972 – Present

Whitney is a young American writer who spent a short time in Texas as a litigator before her first novel was published. She currently has eight novels published by “Bantam Books,” and a series of young adult novels published by Penguin Books called “Geek High.” Whitney is married and has one son.