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Moving Truck Accident

by | Jul 10, 2017 | Personal Injury, Trucking Accidents

Moving On After A Truck Accident

Every hour of every day, there are 16 accidents involving trucks (18-wheelers). Every day, an average of 12 people loses their lives in these accidents. In the year 2015, nearly 4,400 people died because of these truck accidents in the United States. As bad as that is, realize this.

In those same accidents, 138,000 people were left broken, bleeding, and injured. Those 138,000 people must reclaim their lives, though they may never be the same. As Port St. Lucie truck accident lawyers, we know that often, they must suffer through life-altering injuries and learn new ways to work, care for themselves, and survive. They often have years of medical bills, and then therapy to regain control of their bodies.

Sometimes the trauma is so severe that these victims suffer Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from which they never completely recover. In every way, their lives have changed the moment a semi-truck crashed into their car.

What About Financial Issues?

It is a sad fact of life that money is a major concern after an accident. It takes money to get proper medical care. It takes money to receive physical and mental therapy. Equipment needed to assist injured people is costly. Nursing and private care to help these victims are not free.

Whether the injuries cause the victim to miss a few days or weeks of work, or whether they leave him permanently disabled, his income is negatively affected. The victim still has expenses and bills to pay, and he still must provide food and shelter for his family.

If the victim is killed, there are funeral expenses. As life goes on, and those who depended upon his income need restitution.

To get the money your family is entitled to legally, morally, and ethically, you will need a truck accident lawyer. Once the liability is decided, the attorney will know where to turn to get the compensation required to make you whole.

Is There Help Available for Mental Healing?

The first thing you should know is, getting mentally and emotionally past trauma takes time. No one can experience that level of fear, panic, and pain without some after-effects. Do not rush yourself. Find someone you can talk to that will listen and provide you with some relief. If you do not have a close friend or a family member, seek out a therapist. There are online support groups that are good to sound off too. That is a good way to vent to people who have been where you are and that you can “turn off” if you want to. Find someone to talk to after an accident.

Understand that you did not do this to yourself and that you will recover. Even if you are in grief, the feelings will fade with time.

Concentrate on taking care of yourself. Be gentle with yourself and do not let anyone push you into feeling like you are to blame for your situation. Let your truck accident attorneys fight for you. Let your friends support you. Focus on your recovery, and allow your truck accident lawyer to take care of the rest.