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Hire Lawyer Trial Experience

by | Jul 4, 2017 | Criminal Defense, Firm Announcements

Should I Hire a Lawyer With Trial Experience?

When we need a doctor, we do not normally choose one that is fresh out of medical school. Yes, they have been trained and have the knowledge. But if your illness is beyond a minor case of the flu, you would feel more comfortable with a doctor with more experience.

This is the same concept behind the choice of a criminal defense lawyer. You may be comfortable with a less experienced attorney to draw up a contract or represent you in probate court, but if the need for a criminal defense attorney is a challenging one, you probably want someone with some experience.

What Is The Difference?

When an attorney begins their practice, they begin with a passion for the law. Like any other profession, they must mature into their expertise and position in life. It takes years to develop the skills necessary to go to battle on big cases and come out victoriously.

In communities, judges, prosecutors, and all the other people that make a trial happen, rub elbows often. After a while, an attorney gets to know the people he or she works with in the court room. They know that a particular judge will and will not tolerate. They know the style of the prosecutor, and they can prepare for the attack that they know is coming.

The attorney must develop their own style. They must be comfortable in the court setting, working with all kinds of people, and convincing a jury that their opinion is the correct one.  When it comes to expert testimony, they learn who to call upon and who the prosecution will call upon in court. They must know how to do damage control and how to present their expert opinions in a way that the jury will understand.

How Do I Know If My Attorney Has The Experience I Need?

Before you hire an attorney, have a conversation with them. Do not go by what people have told you or what you have read on the internet. Look them in the eye and talk with them. You will quickly see their demeanor, and you will get an idea if you can work with them.

Ask about their experience. It is a legitimate question and not offensive at all. If they were in your position, they would ask the same question. Here are some things to ask them:

  • How long have you been practicing law?
  • Have you always working in this area of the law?
  • How long have you been in this town?
  • What percentage of cases have you won in court?
  • When is the last time that you went to trial?

The answers to these questions will give you the knowledge and power to make a good decision. If the attorney is experienced in the area of law that concerns you and if they have several successful trials under their belt, and if they are familiar with the city and the legal professionals that work there, hire them.

Once you hire a criminal defense attorney, trust them to lead you and work with them fully for the best results.