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Can Slip Fall Accident Occur

by | Jul 16, 2017 | Personal Injury, Slip-And-Falls

Where Can a Slip and Fall Accident Occur?

Where Can a Slip and Fall Accident Occur?

Before our Stuart slip and fall lawyers outline the places where slip and fall accidents happen the most, let us explain why the location really matters. When a slip and fall accident occurs, insurance companies look at the location of the accident. This is one of the ways the insurance companies determine who is legally responsible for the upkeep of the property. This goes a long way in assigning liability.

When a slip and fall accident happens in a common place, that is not usually the only common factor. There are causes that often repeat themselves in similar situations.

Most Common Places That Slip and Fall Accidents Happen

  • Big box department stores

These are places like Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Target, Aldi and large grocery store chains. Due to the nature of these businesses, it is not uncommon for liquids to be spilled on the floor, or for items to be misplaced and left on stairs or walkways. There is also a risk of items falling off shelves and holes to be in parking areas. These retail stores have complicated procedures in place to deal with injuries. They have mega-insurance companies that are professionals at reducing their responsibility to the victim. A slip and fall attorney early on in this situation is a good idea.

  • Work

We spend more time at work than we do at home at times. People are hurt every day in the workplace because of people’s neglect to take care of the building, grounds, and walkways properly. In these situations, workmen’s compensation normally kicks in. However, when the injuries go beyond the limits of workmen’s compensation, the victim needs the help of a slip and fall lawyer.

  • Public places

Public parks, sidewalks, a public building, or even a street could be the cause of a slip and fall accident. In those cases, the government may be liable for your injury. Your attorney will guide you through that somewhat complicated process.

  • Private homes

When a person is injured in someone’s home, one must look at the circumstances. Is the home in good repair? Did the property owner know about the disrepair and did he neglect to make necessary repairs to keep guests safe in a timely manner? If he did not, he may be held liable for the injuries you suffered.

  • Rental property (homes and apartments)

Much like the circumstances surrounding an injury in a private home, the landlord has a responsibility to keep basic maintenance done. This is especially important if the tenant has reported problems like a leaking roof, a loose step, or gutters that are not draining. If it can be proven that the landlord knew about the issue and did not correct it quickly and effectively, he is at fault.

A serious slip and fall accident can happen literally anywhere. Where this accident happens may affect the way the insurance is filed and the procedure involved. However, you still have rights. It is always in your best interest to at least speak to an experienced slip and fall attorney.