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Best Restaurants In Stuart, Florida

by | Aug 11, 2015 | Firm Announcements

When you visit the city of Stuart, Florida, you expect to find fresh seafood. You will not be disappointed. But there are many wonderful places to eat in Stuart that specialize in other foods as well. Enjoy your favorite authentic Italian dishes or a beautifully cooked steak. Pop in for a great sandwich and a beer and just relax. We will show some of our favorite sit-down restaurants and some places to enjoy a quick bite on your way to the beach!


Our top picks for fresh and expertly prepared seafood are:

The Twisted Tuna

Besides having good seafood, The Twisted Tuna is lovely restaurant. It sits right on the water with boats docked all around. The front of the restaurant is almost entirely glass windows. The ambiance is great, and they have impressive bar selections. This is a must see while you are in town. You will soon understand why the locals love this place.

King Neptune

This place is small, and it fills up quickly. That is because there is not one item on the menu that is not prepared to perfection. We suggest you try the cracked conch or oyster shooters. The variety is excellent, and it is a good value for the food and service you get.

Shrimpers Grill & Raw Bar

Enjoy your favorite American seafood and don’t forget to taste the chowder. Bring your vegetarian friends, because they have plenty of menu items to satisfy their appetites as well. Everything is prepared fresh, and it is a local favorite.


La Forchetta

Enjoy your favorite pasta dishes made from scratch. They also have authentic Italian pizza that many believe is the best in the city. There are vegetarian selections. The place feels like visiting family. It’s fun and laid back and has great food, what else could you want?

LouRonzo’s Italian Fusion

If you are in the mood for a more elegant dining experience, LouRonzo’s Italian Fusion is a cut above the rest. They are famous for their veal, and they have gluten-free options. The dishes are expertly prepared and served elegantly by professional staff. This is not just a meal, it is an experience.


Cody’s Original Roadhouse

Good old fashioned American food. They have great steak, ribs, and barbecue. This is the kind of place where you come for a good meal in a relaxed atmosphere. You will not leave hungry!

A quick bite, great sandwich or burger

  • Maria Cafe
  • Flamingo Diner
  • Bagel Break Deli
  • Osceola Street Cafe
  • Morning Glory Cafe
  • Coffee Bar Blue Door
  • Carsons Tavern

This article is just a small example of the many delicious restaurants that are in the city of Stuart, and you will find a wide variety if you do your own research. There are authentic Mexican, Japanese, and Chinese restaurants. You will also find fast food and big chain restaurants in the Stuart area. There is nothing you are craving that you cannot find in this great little city.