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Lesser Charges Still Require a Strong Defense

Our misdemeanor attorneys, have many years of experience handling misdemeanor cases as Assistant State Attorney Prosecutors. We are insiders when it comes to how misdemeanors are handled in West Palm Beach, Port St. Lucie, Stuart, and throughout the Treasure Coast.  This helps us to build the best strategies of criminal defense for our clients.

Our Attorneys Work with Both First and Second Degree Misdemeanors

In the state of Florida, a misdemeanor is a criminal act that is punished by a jail sentence of less than one year. The following describes the different categories of misdemeanors.

  • Second Degree misdemeanor crimes, typically command a sentence of up to 60 days in jail or six months of probation.
  • First Degree misdemeanor crimes, typically command a jail sentence of up to one year in jail or one year of probation.

A misdemeanor conviction of assault, battery, possession of marijuana or petit larceny will become part of an individual’s permanent record, the same as a felony. This record will be available to employers, government officials and law enforcement. Being convicted of any crime can have a serious effect on a person’s ability to obtain employment or maintain a stable personal life. This is why it is crucial to seek legal assistance from a Treasure Coast criminal attorney who is experienced in misdemeanor cases.

Attorneys Dedicated to Criminal Defense

A misdemeanor conviction can change your life. Kibbey | Wagner offers clients superior support, along with a strong defense strategy. Those who need the services of an attorney can call us 24/7 at (772) 286-0023 for a free consultation.