Catastrophic injuries on the Treasure Coast & the Palm Beaches can occur in many forms. They can include, but are not limited to, brain injuries, burns, amputations, permanent spinal cord injuries, in addition to things like blindness, permanent nerve damage, and fractures. Regardless of whether this catastrophic injury occurred as a result of an accident, or a defective product/work related/construction accident, the financial and physical toll can be enormous. In many instances, these injuries result in medical care being needed throughout the course of a victim’s life. Victim’s undoubtedly suffer from lost wages, and lost potential income, as a result of disabilities from their injury.

Because of the tremendous significance an injury can have on a victim’s life, it’s important to retain a law firm that will get you the most compensation possible under law. Kibbey | Wagner has over 50 years of combined experience, and millions recovered on behalf of victims. Picking a law firm to represent you with catastrophic injury cases is a very important decision – pick a law firm with proven experience and a track record.

For this reason – compensation is available to those who are victims of catastrophic Injuries in Port St. Lucie, Stuart and throughout the Treasure Coast.

If you, or someone you know or love, is the victim of an injury at a catastrophic injury, you may be eligible for financial compensation, and can take legal action to pursue it. You may be eligible for financial compensation due to your medical bills, and other losses incurred, such as:

  • Pain/Suffering
  • Medical Bills for the care you’ve already received, and will receive in the future
  • Lost Wages

At Kibbey | Wagner, our team of experienced injury lawyers have over 50 years combined experience, helping victims of catastrophic injuries in West Palm Beach, Port St. Lucie, Stuart and throughout the Treasure Coast get financial compensation.

Our team of highly specialized personal injury attorneys will thoroughly analyze all of your medical records, have trained physicians audit them. Catastrophic injury cases demand a large amount of resources to prosecute. We work with you to ensure that we have experts in every area needed, ready to testify, on your behalf. We have the financial resources to employ all the needed experts and the cost of litigation when pursuing a catastrophic injury case. When the time comes to go to trial, we will always be ready and do a thorough job protecting your best interests. Call us for a free consultation at 772-286-0023!